How to Keep Betta Fish Healthy, Happy and Disease Free – Some Quick Tips

By | April 16, 2023

Betta fish is known to have evolved from ancient Asian warrior clan called “Bettah”, who about 150 years ago enjoyed a popular sport that involved fighting amongst two of these Siamese warrior fish.Though the natural habitat of the fish is shallow tropical water, they can even survive in puddles or glass bowls. Their life span can even be five years provided the tank condition is good, indicating they should be cleaned periodically and the water is regularly changed. 90% of illness in this fish stems from poor water quality, stress, may be due to aggressive team mates or because of their removal to another tank.Fish lovers who enjoy this beautifully shaped and colorful species should ensure that the water condition is clean, good and has the right temperature. Happy Betta fish develops a strong immune system that fights off diseases. Normally, bacteria forms in the swampy murky water of the aquariums so the size of the water container for maintaining this variety of fish merits serious consideration. The right temperature and clean water ensures that the fish would thrive. The filtration system in the aquarium should be maintained regularly for proper flow of oxygen. The placement of the aquarium is also an important aspect as too much heat can be detrimental while humid damp conditions are also not recommended.Another vital aspect is the size of the tank and the amount of plants that could be supplemented in the aquariums. The size of the fish that suits the tank size best should be given due weightage. As male Betta fish are highly aggressive, the owners need to figure out the best combination of fish types that could be placed in tanks with this species. There are some varieties of Betta fish that should not be placed with other varieties of fish in any aquarium.Though it may be difficult to maintain water temperature in fish containers, this factor is of considerable importance for healthy survival of Betta fish. As Betta fish get stressed after a period of time, it results in a poor immune system. They prefer water temperature between 750 and 800 F and become listless and unresponsive when the temperature is far above or below that specified temperature level. This aspect assumes greater importance where the tank size is huge.For heat control, tanks should have a built-in thermostat which is a great monitoring tool of temperature control in multiple heating units. They are connected to the filtering system. For maintaining healthy and beautiful Betta fish in residential aquariums, it is imperative to take proper care of tanks along with regular filtering of water. Such measures create the right ambience for the exquisite Betta fish varieties.